Migration complete and internal release 1.9

Migration from BitBucket to GitHub has completed! In particular, the repository for the development version of the library becomes https://github.com/ariadne-cps/ariadne. This renaming is in preparation for the 2.0 official release of Ariadne, tentatively due at the beginning of 2019. The migration also comes with a new 1.9 internal release, where we improved stability and increased OS and compiler compatibility. We introduced continuous integration and code coverage to our development flow, with the purpose of driving improvements to code quality. [Read More]

GitHub migration commenced

In order to get access to a wider open-source community and also to exploit better continuous integration services, we are migrating from BitBucket to GitHub. The new source site will become https://github.com/ariadne-cps with a new organization called ariadne-cps as part of the GitHub Education program. The original repositories on BitBucket will be removed as of October the 1st. There will be an additional news in the next few days to announce the completion of the migration process. [Read More]


We added a tutorial page with detailed information on an example, followed by a guide to construct the corresponding model in Ariadne and to perform the most relevant analysis routines.


We added a Publications section in which the most recent articles on Ariadne and its usage are provided. For each paper we provide the pdf file and the bibliography entry.

Ariadne website opens

We are happy to announce that the website for the Ariadne C++ library has opened. We will progressively add content to the site, with the objective of providing references, tutorials, API docs and selected publications.