Release 2.2

This new version expands coverage of Python bindings, introduces Gnuplot output and a simulator for purely continuous systems, among other things.


  • N: new feature
  • A: addition to a feature
  • C: change to the behavior of a feature
  • F: fixed feature
  • R: removed feature


  • #441 (N) Add support for Gnuplot output, including animated gif plot of sets and tridimensional plots for PDEs
  • #507 (N) Add a simulator for vector field dynamics
  • #514 (N) Add Python examples in python/examples
  • #509 (A) Additionally support a set as input in simulators, using the midpoint as the effective point
  • #513 (A) Add missing Python bindings for verify_safety in (Hybrid)ReachabilityAnalyser
  • #516 (A) Add missing Python bindings for Real predicates to be used in automata specification
  • #518 (A) Add missing Python bindings for evolver configuration and initial set assignment
  • #520 (A) Add missing Python bindings for plotting using HybridFigure
  • #543 (A) Add missing Python bindings for iterating across ListSet of Enclosure classes
  • #527 (A) Allow to draw a Labelled/Hybrid orbit directly to a Labelled/Hybrid figure
  • #492 (C) Modify SFINAE code to use C++20 concepts, currently preventing AppleClang compilation under macOS until the compiler supports Concepts
  • #529 (C) Disallow construction of VectorField and IteratedMap from a Function, since it was broken
  • #533 (C) Map<K,V> now checks for existing key using ARIADNE_ASSERT, yielding errors also for Release builds
  • #447 (F) Check that a VectorField is defined with dynamics for all involved variables, fixes a segfault within evolution
  • #532 (F) RealExpressionBoundedConstraintSet could be constructed in an incoherent way, due to missing checks
  • #211 (R) Remove various deprecated functions