Release 2.4.1

This new (minor) version is mainly meant to address missing Python bindings for the hybrid module. It also changes the interface for integrators and introduces two new integrators, among other things.


  • N: new feature
  • A: addition to a feature
  • C: change to the behavior of a feature
  • F: fixed feature
  • R: removed feature


  • #357 (N) Introduce a TaylorSeriesBounderIntegrator, that identifies the bounds from the expansion without resorting to a Bounder initially
  • #613 (A) Add Python bindings for Variables2d, Projection2d fields, HybridEnclosure space accessors
  • #617 (A) Add is_polynomial_in predicate for symbolic expressions
  • #622 (A) Implement GradedTaylorPicardIterator that avoids initial use of Bounder
  • #626 (A) Allow ’none’ graphics backend or drawer from CLI, to temporarily switch off graphics when desired
  • #628 (A) Implement some methods for Polynomial, in particular for vectors thereof
  • #636 (A) Add Python bindings for hybrid automaton target method
  • #642 (A) Add Python bindings for hybrid automaton name and symbolic expressions in dynamics/guards/invariants/resets
  • #643 (A) Add C++ and Python support for iteration through components of a CompositeHybridAutomaton
  • #612 (C) Remove unused legend from Gnuplot output
  • #639 (C) Use a finer (3/4) refinement strategy for the step size when computing a flow step based on an accuracy threshold
  • #616 (F) Fix behavior of unary symbolic expression predicates
  • #620 (F) EulerBounder did not reset the bounding domain between refinements to the step size
  • #631 (F) Conditional disabling of graphics in absence of both Cairo and Gnuplot was incorrect
  • #645 (F) Use only static const Generator objects, addressing linking issue for the whole library
  • #623 (R) Simplify IntegratorInterface with only one flow step, removing flow/flow_to and hiding flow_bounds